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Adam + Lyndi

It was October 14th, 2017. Adam and Lyndi were on their way to Des Moines to meet up with some friends for dinner. Adam told Lyndi they “supposedly” needed to stop at Gray’s Lake Park to pick them up. At the time, Lyndi didn’t think much of it. She and Adam had spent a lot of Sunday afternoons getting frozen yogurt and walking around the park. When they arrived, Adam called their friends (which was actually his dad), and the “friends” told them to come out to the bridge. By now, Lyndi was annoyed because she didn’t want to get out of the truck because it was raining. How Adam talked her into getting out of the truck was nearly a miracle in itself. When Adam and Lyndi got to the bridge, all she heard was little voices screaming, “Lyndi, Lyndi!”. She was confused and taken back when she started to spot her family and Adam’s walking towards them. Meanwhile, Adam got down on one knee. Their nieces and nephews held a sign that read, “Will you marry Uncle Adam?”. It took Lyndi a while to snap back to reality but of course, she said “Yes!”.
They spent the remainder of the evening celebrating their engagement with family. It was definitely a night they’ll never forget! Lyndi likes to reflect back on the day because it’s funny how oblivious she was. For example, Adam asked her if she was going to paint her nails before going to dinner. She rarely ever paint them so she just said, “No,” and dropped the conversation. Adam never cares what her nails look like so that should have been an obvious clue to Lyndi. She’s usually a very hard person to surprised but Adam managed to pull it off perfectly. Adam and Lyndi met through mutual friends from college. They both happened to be in Ames for the Iowa/Iowa State football game to tailgate with friends. Long story short, they ended up hitting it off that weekend and the rest is pretty much history. That was 4.5 years ago! “I love how fun and spontaneous Adam is. He’s always up to do anything (even if it’s an impulsive trip to Target) and has taught me to not take everything in life so seriously. He’s my constant safe harbor and always knows how to make me smile.” – Lyndi “What I love most about Lyndi is that she is fun and outgoing. No matter what the situation is or who we are with, Lyndi always manages to make friends with everyone and lighten up the room with her rock star karaoke skills or her amazing dance moves.” – Adam
They both attended Kirkwood Community College right out of high school, however; they never met each other while going to school there. Good thing they made mutual friends! Adam went to Iowa State University for his degree in Ag Studies, and Lyndi went to Grand View University for her bachelor’s degree in nursing.
Their first date consisted of Adam and Lyndi making homemade pizza at her apartment, followed by watching The Notebook because he had never seen it before! How crazy is that?!?!
“I  would describe Adam as hard-working, dedicated, and reliable. He’s a pretty romantic guy, too.” – Lyndi
“I would describe Lyndi as outgoing, level-headed, honest, and very down to earth.” – Adam
Adam and Lyndi love trying new restaurants they haven’t been before. They like to come up with a list of five different places and then randomly choose one out of a hat and go. Afterward, if they aren’t too full, they like to end with ice cream and a movie. They really don’t have to do anything too extravagant to have a good time.
Lyndi is a registered nurse at Mary Greeley Medical Center on the Birthways unit. Adam works at Tri-County Ag in agronomy and sales.

Adam is from Cascade, IA and Lyndi moved to Prairie City when she was in 8th grade. In their spare time, they like to travel, spend time with family and friends, watch sports, go on walks, and basically anything that involves being outside. hat they are most excited about on our wedding day is to finally say, “I do” and to celebrate with the ones they love most. It takes a lot of preparation to plan a wedding, so they are so excited to see all of our hard work come together.

Adam & Lyndi – I had such a blast with you two! Thanks for the fun evening and for coming to my neck of the woods! I seriously cannot wait for your big day next June. I have a really good feeling it’s going to be one heck of a fun one!



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