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Andrew + Erin

On December 14th, 2017, Andrew planned a dinner and refused to tell Erin where they were going. This was very unusual so it got Erin thinking that MAYBE Andrew was going to propose. She told her friends at work and they began joking about how she was going to get engaged that evening. At first, Erin was getting excited for their date but got to thinking, who proposes to someone on a weeknight? And on top of that, in December?! She’s never been a fan of the winter months so she thought there was no way this proposal was actually going to happen. Andrew had been acting normal the whole evening. With prior suspicions gone, Erin jokingly grabbed his arm and asked, “So when are you going to propose to me?” Andrew started to dig in his coat pocket while Erin’s chest got tight. She remembers thinking if his hand comes out empty that’s one mean joke! But luckily, he pulled out a small box and made her the happiest girl that December evening. Andrew and Erin went to school together but didn’t become friends til they attended the same community college in their hometown. They started dating about two years after becoming friends and that was five years ago! Their perfect date would be stuffing their faces full of sushi or crab legs with a nice glass of wine. Erin loves gardening and bless Andrew for helping her and carrying around heavy bags of mulch and for listening to her babble about how pretty all their flowers are. She gets super excited when she see the plants growing. On their wedding day…”I am most excited to be making this commitment with my best friend and knowing that we will be there for each other as we grow older. Who wouldn’t be stoked to get to hit all of life’s milestones with their other half!” – Erin

Andrew + Erin. I had such a wonderful evening getting to know you capturing your engagement photos! We may have missed our rain photo but the storms in the distance made up for it. I’m so excited to see you again in a few short months for your wedding day. It’s going to be beautiful!! Xo.

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