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That’s a wrap! Another year is in the books. 2017 took me to weddings all over Eastern Iowa and beyond. It was such a joy meeting and serving all my couples this year. I love you all!

These behind the scenes posts are always fun to share. This year is a little bit more sentimental for me because these images are a reminder of my IVF journey. From giving myself shots in the parking lot of receptions to time-sensitive ultrasounds hours before a wedding, I’m incredibly thankful that the timing of everything was perfect – even in the heart of my busy season. God knew what I could handle and I’m able to say I’m a stronger woman with greater trust in His plan after going through it!

To all my beautiful clients of 2017 – thank you, thank you! 

Let’s start with a typical sight, me fixing and placing things just right. When duty calls, you shoot from outside – in. Beth is a professional boutonniere attacher and bench mover. I guess I’m a pointer…never realized this!  Chit-chatting. What I do best. Jordan is not digging my posing idea. Now, y’all put your hands in the ah-yer. Trying to “blend in” with the guests. Guys, give me two minutes and you can go back to the A/C. I love rings and bouquets.When you tell your bride an inappropriate joke. ;)If I stay back here to be out of the wind, will they notice?Moments after this photo, I knocked over a jar full of water and baby’s breath. Nothing broke or was damaged, except my ego. Kayla loves bouquets just like me. And Bethany – what a joy it was to spend a day with you! Earth to Sene. Are you there?  Sometimes I wander off and chat with the bridal party.Pregnant and still bending over like a champ….ha! Oh, 1st trimester. “Stop in the name of love…”And pop that front knee ladies. Me and babes watching the ceremonies.Pa-pa, paparazzi. When the wind literally adds 30 lbs.  So happy Kelsey could join me for a Saturday!!  You’d think I’d get sunburned on wedding days… yet never do! Oh hey, can I ride in that with ya?This makes me laugh. I’m notorious for leaving my bag somewhere and then having to desperately retrace my steps.  What a beautiful test subject! :)   Bekah is seriously the best assistant/helper a girl could ask for!  When you photograph college friends…’tis ALWAYS a fun time!

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