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Earlier this week, I met up with Tyler and Hannah at Big Woods Park in Cedar Falls for their engagement session. It was a session I’d been looking forward to for so long! These two have an incredible love story and an undeniable connection. Below you’ll read how their story first began with a soccer ball kicked to Tyler’s face by the one and only Hannah Walker. It took a whole decade later when they were the furthest distance from one another when their love story truly began.

 You’re going to enjoy this one, friends. Without further adieu, Tyler + Hannah….  “On May 8, 2017, Tyler gave me the surprise of my life! It started out just like any other day; I got up, went to the gym, got ready for work, and my mom texted me asking if Tyler and I wanted to go to their house for dinner that night which is not out of the ordinary. So, after work, I headed to Tyler’s parents home to meet up with him and then headed to my parents. Once we got there, Tyler was driving up to the house when he stopped abruptly by the barn, came over and opened my door, grabbed my hand and asked: “Do you trust me?” Yes, of course! He started leading me around the barn towards a tree where a bench was set up. They sat down and he began to tell me when he first fell in love and knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me… of course, I was instantly crying once I realized what was happening and can’t remember a darn thing he said. He then he got down on one knee and pulled out a beautiful ring and I got to say ‘YES’ to my best friend!!! He thought of absolutely everything. From proposing at my childhood home to having my family there and a photographer lined up to capture our special moment, it was beyond perfect. ” – Hannah “I had been planning this day for a long time. Since I had Hannah’s parents blessings over a month in advance, they were able to help me out by inviting us out to supper and setting up the bench. I started shaking when I put my truck in park, but I knew how happy Hannah was going to be so excitement took over and I led her to the tree and sat her down. I told her about the moment I knew I was in love with her. When she started tearing up, I started choking up too. But as Hannah mentioned above, she said yes, and it quickly became the happiest moment of my life so far. Basically, everyone in our lives knew the day was coming for a long time so it was a relief to finally be able to enjoy the engagement with our families and friends.” – Tyler Hannah was in fourth grade and Tyler was in fifth when the pair first met at a Wartburg soccer camp. Hannah accidentally (yeah, “accidentally”) kicked Tyler in the face with a soccer ball! They both grew up in Waverly and attended Iowa State University.   “I love his compassionate heart and his work ethic, I know I will always be able to count on him to do what is best for us no matter what is going on. He is truly one of the kindest people I have ever met and always knows just what to do to get a smile on my face. But most of all, I love the way he loves me. Through all of the ups and downs we’ve shared, his love for me has never wavered and has only grown stronger throughout the years.” – Hannah “Besides her smarts and hilarious wit, Hannah is able to be thorough and organized when necessary, but also relaxed and fun when the situation permits. Hannah and I started our relationship at the end of my military career. While I was making the transition from military to civilian life, Hannah was truly a rock for me, and she always has been. She has a special way of calming me and making me laugh. I know I can come to her with my gripes and problems and she’s always been my way to escape. Nothing makes me happier than being around her.” – Tyler Ten years after meeting, Hannah and Tyler started talking. She was living and working in England while Tyler was living and working in Georgia. Even though they lived the vast majority of their lives just a few miles away from each other, they were a world apart when they finally came together. Their first date consisted of Hannah flying down to Savannah, GA for four days to accompany Tyler to the 2013 Ranger Ball and spend some quality time getting to know each other better. They also got to enjoy Pirate-fest on Tybee Island during the stay. “Tyler is very strong headed and driven but above all else, he is kind, trustworthy, loyal, and a fierce friend and partner.” – Hannah  “Hannah very driven and confident. But she’s just fun to be around and accepting. No matter who she meets, what ever their walk of life, she can converse with them and truly connect with them, which is a trait few possess.” – Tyler In their spare time, they love to be cuddled up enjoying the show Friends or a movie, go on walks and enjoy time with friends. “My idea of a perfect date with Tyler is just spending the time enjoying each others company. It doesn’t matter where we are or what we’re doing, we always have a great time.” – Hannah “I agree! we can really do anything from camping or just sitting around the house and we have a blast. But Hannah is much more of a social person and that has worn off on me. So I think any time we get to go out with our mutual friends, which we happily have many, we always have a great time.” – Tyler On their wedding day, Hannah is most excited for when they first see each other and to exchange their vows. She knows the feeling of going through the entire day is going to be amazing! Tyler is excited for all of it. But the top two aspects of the day will be having all the people their love with them and knowing that the wedding day is just the start of the rest of their lives together! 

Tyler + Hannah – thank you for the crazy amazing session! I had a blast spending the beautiful evening with you. Capturing your love was such a joy and I can’t wait to capture your big day in February! 



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