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I feel like it’s the week before my college finals. I have so much knowledge to accumulate and so little time. I’m basically in cramming-mode! I’m not sure why I didn’t think to start reading earlier in pregnancy. I think I was worried about retention but now I’m wishing I had started a bit earlier!

Today, I want to share the books I’m reading to prep for Baby Ep!

  1. Baby Wise –  I truly believe every mama needs to read this book. It provides applicable principles and tools to manage an infant’s feeding, wake time, and sleeping routine. It answered all the questions I had and goes in-depth with different scenarios that each mother can face. It will be such a great point of reference as I figure out this whole motherhood/parenting thing!
  2. What to Expect When You’re Expecting – This book is a basic necessity! I enjoy reading it week by week to learn the latest on the baby’s development and what to expect with my body transformation.
  3. Bringing Up Bebe – I’m about halfway through this book and have really enjoyed it so far. The American author shares the secrets behind French parenting (avoiding picky eaters and ability to play by themselves.. etc.) With the author’s wit and sense of humor, it’s been a fun, light-hearted read.


One thing I’ve been told over and over again is no book will completely prepare you for motherhood. Simply love your baby and give them your best and that is enough. Don’t worry about all the unknowns but instead take each day and new learning experience as it comes. And when in doubt, seek scripture for guidance and encouragement. For the Bible is the #1 book to have by your bedside.


Do you have any books you highly recommend?


Happy reading!



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