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Forrest + Natalie

Every Easter Natalie’s family has a tradition of eating at Iowa River Power to celebrate. Natalie was unsure if she’d be able to make it this year due to other plans. Luckily, Forrest and Natalie’s sister, Molly, convinced her that they should keep the tradition going. Especially since it was Molly’s son’s first Easter. Natalie and Forrest drove from Des Moines to meet her family at Iowa River Power on March 31st. Forrest had Molly decorate the bridge behind the restaurant with roses. That’s where Forrest proposed. They celebrated their engagement with dinner with the family. It couldn’t have been a better day! Natalie and Forrest have been together for a little over 2 years. They met through mutual friends. Natalie was in Minneapolis for the weekend for her friend, Kelsey’s bachelorette party. Forrest was living in the Minneapolis area and was informed that they needed additional back up for a peddle pub. Kelsey began calling everyone she knew in the area. Forrest was unable to attend the peddle pub since it was Friday during the day, but he did manage to stop by after work. That’s where he and Natalie met and the rest is history! “Forrest is driven, reliable, and very patient. He works incredibly hard and always has at least 15 projects in the works. Forrest is always up for helping friends and family with their projects when needed. Forrest lives in the moment. He keeps me grounded, he is patient, and he always sees the bigger picture; Forrest is my best friend.” – Natalie  ” I love that Natalie is very responsible and practical when she needs to be, but can let loose and have a great time. She helps me to slow down and appreciate the things that are important in life. Our morals and values are in total alignment which makes big decisions together much easier.” – Forrest They love to work on projects together in their spare time. Currently, they are in the process of renovating their home in Minnesota. When they aren’t working on the house, they enjoy hiking, finding new trails on their bikes, and spending time up north at the cabin. “Forrest is kind, realistic, and sees the good in everything.” – Natalie “Natalie is logical, enjoys good humor, extremely caring & thoughtful. Individual relationships and quality time are extremely important to Natalie.” – Forrest Forrest is most looking forward to having friends and family together to celebrate the start of their new life as husband and wife, and of course, ice cream, on their wedding day. While Natalie is so excited to be able to call Forrest her husband and starting their marriage is Jesus at the center. She’s also really looking forward to having so many people they care about in one place and celebrating.

Forrest & Natalie – Thank you for braving the cold and traveling down to Iowa for your session! I had such a fun time capturing your love. I can’t wait for next May. It’s going to be one of the best days! Xo. Seneca

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