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Gender Reveal

We’re having a GIRL!!!! I’m in shock. Jared’s definitely in shock. And all our friends and family are too!

Baby Epley is joining a family full of girls on my side and very few girls on the Epley side. It’s going to be fun!

Let me first say ultrasounds are the best. I could sit and watch the baby wiggle around all day long. Our 20-week ultrasound started with me being fooled by the umbilical cord, mistaking it for something else. :) So when the ultrasound tech revealed the gender I was speechless (and in tears!). Jared’s jaw literally dropped and was speechless too. Now, after a few weeks of knowing, I still don’t think it has completely sunk in we’re having a baby girl for Jared. It’s going to be so fun to watch him be her daddy. I’m sure he will be a natural – given how great of an uncle he’s been to his nieces.

Many decide not to find out the gender but I’m SO happy I did. If you know me, I’m a planner. I wanted to have everything organized and bought before Baby arrived so I didn’t have to worry about returning items or buying what was still needed. Plus, I’m uber excited to be stocking up on bows. ;)

I tossed around a few ideas for our gender reveal. I love to bake so I made blue and pink cake pops and cupcakes. They each had pink filling. We asked our family members to pick either a pink or blue dessert and to all bite into them on the count of three. It was fun to see their reactions, many of which were VERY surprised!

We are at week 23 now. It’s shocking how fast time goes by. March will be here before we know it! Xo.


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