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Having a Go-To Gal

Your big day is just around the corner and let’s face it – you’re stressing. So much to do. So much to remember. This is all completely normal for a bride! As you prepare, you realize there are so many little details but frankly, you won’t remember them all. I sure didn’t! That’s why I HIGHLY recommend having a go-to gal on your wedding day.

What’s a go-to gal?  Well, she’s that super organized friend who’s known for her type-A personality and willingness to assist.

She’s that close family friend that has been assisting where ever she can for years.

She’s the friend, a recent bride herself, that remember what it’s like to be a bride and what *could* go wrong.

It’s the Christina for Meredith (yes, a Grey’s Anatomy reference!). Christina is Meredith’s go-to gal because she can ALWAYS count on her!

This go-to gal shouldn’t be a bridesmaid or your mom. They have other duties to fulfill! Instead, this should be a personal attendant or even an extra person whom you know will indefinitely have your back.

Yes, you still need a go-to gal even if you have a wedding planner. Your wedding planner’s job is to keep the day flowing and to put out any fire that may arise, but she can’t be the one running to the store to grab more vases, fixing the popped button or tracking down a missing family member.

Your go-to gal will always be willing to run errands, pick up slack as needed and more – drastically reducing your stress level. So give it some thought and find the perfect gal whom you can whole-heartedly count on!



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