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My Hospital Bag

It’s official. I’m nearing the home stretch before Baby Epley arrives! I’m currently 35.5 weeks with not much room left to spare. These next few weeks are jam-packed with appointments so I thought I’d better sit down and get our bag packed before I regretted it!

Luckily, my to-do list is progressively getting smaller by the day. I’m in complete nesting mode and am so thankful that this is my slow season for business because all I am thinking about is BABY.

It may seem early to have a hospital bag packed but if you know me, I love being overly prepared. I’ve even had dreams of going into labor and not having a bag ready –  similar to the dreams I  had years ago when I didn’t have all my school supplies on the first day of class. That still haunts me! Ha!

Enough with my rambling pregnancy brain, here’s what I have packed for me, Jared and baby!

Bags: Sole Society Mason Bag & a backpack

For me: 

For husband: 

  • athletic shorts
  • extra t-shirt
  • toiletries

For baby girl: 

**This girl has got be photo-ready! :)



Hope this helps at least one first-time mama!

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