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Jonny + Katelyn

It was a beautiful summer day on  July 28th, 2017 in Glen Ewen, Saskatchewan, Canada and a day Katelyn will never forget. She was visiting Jonny for the weekend in his hometown. He had planned to take her out for a nice dinner about an hour and a half away and then meet up with his family at his brother’s baseball game. As their food was served at the restaurant, Jonny said he had to go to the bathroom. As Katelyn’s eating, she realized he had been for awhile. He came back fifteen minutes later as if it was no big deal. At this point, Katelyn was annoyed because she just ate her entire dinner by herself. (Little did she know, Jonny was asking her parents for their blessing to propose! Jonny had tried numerous times that week to talk to them before her visit but it never worked until that very night. Talk about cutting it close!)

After dinner, they drove to his brother’s baseball game only to find out they had just missed the last inning. So, they all decide to go out for ice cream. On their way home, Jonny mentions that perhaps they should go climb the grain bin in his hometown. The same one they had climbed the year before. So they did and sat watching the stars and a beautiful thunderstorm off in the distance. Jonny then pulled out his phone and played their song, “I Choose You” by Andy Grammer. After the song finished, Jonny had Katelyn stand up as he knelt down and asked her to marry him. She was in complete shock. When she saw the ring she said, “Are you serious?!” and he responded with such a kind smile and said, “Yes, will you be my wife?”. She said “Yes!!”. He had totally surprised her. She had no clue he was going to propose. He did such an amazing job surprising her!

Jonny and Katelyn met on a mission trip in the Quad Cities in July of 2016. Katelyn had known Jonny’s cousin Carter for a few years (Carter is dating Ellie, Katelyn’s sister), and he invited Jonny to come on the trip. At first, Jonny was hesitant because of his demanding work schedule. Carter mentioned that Ellie had an older sister that he might like. Carter showed Jonny some photos of Katelyn and Jonny was convinced to go. The funny thing is that they had a whole week together at the mission trip and not once did Jonny or Katelyn sit down and get to know one another. They always saw each other in passing. It wasn’t until the very end of the week that Jonny and her got to talking and getting acquainted. By the end of the weekend, he asked her for her phone number. Katelyn was a bit hesitant because she was at a point in her life where she was happy being single and very content. Luckily, something told her to give it to him. Jonny returned to Canada and she was home to Cedar Falls. They started building a friendship over phone calls and FaceTime. They quickly became really good friends and soon both realized they were wanting something more. Jonny is quite the gentleman and wanted to talk with her parents first before they officially started dating. On December 21, 2017, they became official!

“What I love the most about Jonny, it’s something I’ve noticed from the very beginning when I first met him. He has such a big heart. He is so kind to everyone he talks to and makes you feel so important when you talk with him. He listens and cares. I also love that he always both encourages me and challenges me to be the best version of myself.” – Katelyn

“I think the thing I love the most about Katelyn, she is humble and doesn’t put herself above others. She talks with everyone and has the heart to talk to anyone. She never sets her self apart in a group or a “click” she likes to connect with everyone she meets. I absolutely LOVE how open she is. She is so accepting and understanding to everything that comes up in life, whether it be good or bad. I love her smile. One look at her just cheers me right up. It’s the kind of smile that is contagious.” – Jonny 

Their first date was at Katelyn’s apartment. She invited him over for breakfast. They had pancakes and bacon and just sat and talked. It was wonderful.

“I would describe Jonny as a big kid with a big heart. He is goofy and silly and is always keeping me laughing. He reminds me not to worry so much and to embrace the little things in life that add up to the big things. He is spontaneous and makes me feel safe. And I love how Jonny has this unwavering support for me. He never fails to impress me with his love every day.” – Katelyn 

“I think Katelyn could be described as incredibly hardworking, silly, fun to be around, and she has this hospitality drive to serve others. I find Katelyn has this sexy kind of confidence that I love. And I like that she isn’t afraid to say how it is and isn’t scared to stand up for herself. If there is something that isn’t right, she will stand up for what is. She is so loving and is always wanting what is best for others.” – Jonny

Any spare time they have, they spend together. With long distance anytime they have together is sacred. They definitely like to go on walks together and be outside enjoying the weather.Describing her perfect date: “Don’t get me wrong, I love going out to dinner and getting all dressed up, but my perfect date would be to lay out a blanket in the backyard have a picnic. And to lie underneath the stars just enjoying each others company. Preferably in the summer months!” – Katelyn

Katelyn is a  full-time Grad student at UNI working on her master’ss degree in Speech Language Pathology and she works two part-time jobs. She works for Faith and Family Care based out of Sumner where she cares for a woman with Alzheimer’s disease. She’s also a server at Montage. Jonny is a carpenter as well as a student. He’s working on getting his Journeyman’s degree. Currently, he is in the middle of doing an apprenticeship that requires 8 weeks of schooling each year. The rest of the year he works full-time and learns on the job.
They are most excited to marry their best friend on their wedding day! 

Jonny + Katelyn – Thank you for waking up before dawn and spending the morning with me! I absolutely loved our time together and feel so honored to be the one capturing your love story. I can’t wait for your big day on August 3rd!!  Xo. Sene

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