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Lavon + Summer

“Krak (Lavon) surprised me early Friday morning by coming to my house and waking me up with a bouquet of flowers in hand. I was shocked/half asleep so it took me a little while to come to my senses :) He took me out for breakfast, got a couple’s massage, manicure, and picked out a new outfit! For dinner, he took me back to Red’s Alehouse, where we had our first date. All throughout the day, I knew what was happening, but I never knew for sure what stop/where he was going to pop the question, so I was always on the edge of my seat! We drove through a blizzard back to his apartment where he had lots of lights strung from the ceiling and candles everywhere. He showed me a photo book he put together of all the pictures we’d taken while we were dating because he knew how special photos were to me. As soon as I got to the last page, he got down on one knee and asked if I would marry him! And of course, I said YES!!” – Summer

Summer and Lavon had known each other for a long time but nothing had ever crossed either of their minds about dating until July 16, 2016. That’s when Lavon’s brother and one of Summer’s best friends got married. It’s the day in Lavon’s words he “first started making eyes at Summer”. They went to a bonfire afterward with friends where Summer forgot a jacket. Lavon offered her his sweatshirt. Everyone there thought that was very interesting since he is the coldest guy on earth!

“I love how he is so considerate of others. He is always thinking of what he can do for other people and how they feel. He always thinks of other’s needs before his own and it shows how big of a servant’s heart he has. I also love how lighthearted he is and how often he smiles and laughs. He makes everyone’s day so much better because he genuinely cares about them.” – Summer

In their spare time, they enjoying going for walks, watching Friends and eating burgers (if that’s even a hobby!).

Lavon works as a processing manager at Farmer’s Henhouse while Summer is a professional wedding and portrait photographer at Sumemr Alisabeth Photography.“I love how caring and sensitive she is. She is very sympathetic and I love how it’s so easy for her to understand people. I love how good we work together because we know each other so well. I love how she has worked so hard to grow her business, and I love how dedicated she is to doing something she loves. And of course, I love how beautiful she is.” – Lavon“He is a sweetheart with a funny bone! He is tough, yet romantic at the same time. He can make me laugh until my side hurts, yet he knows exactly when to be serious and have important conversations. He’s an introvert and loves to stay home to relax and watch a movie, but is also always ready to hang out with friends and have a good time. He is kind, thoughtful, funny, honest, selfless, respectful, reliable, considerate, genuine, and basically perfect!” – SummerTheir first date was on August 10, 2016. Lavon took Summer to Red’s Alehouse for dinner, putt-putting and ice cream after.

“She has a very sweet and loving personality. She is always looking for ways she can help others, and she always wants the best for me. She is always so easy going and always willing to do whatever crazy idea I have.” – LavonTheir perfect date would be finding the best burger around and going for a walk with ice cream to follow!Most excited on wedding day…”To be HUSBAND and WIFE, live the married life, and be TOGETHER (and the second thing I’m most excited about is lots of pictures! Besides actually getting married, that’s going to be the best part of the day!)” – Summer

Krak + Summer – Pinch me. That was the DREAMIST engagement session. I LOVED having you two models in front of my camera. I feel incredibly honored to be your wedding photography and so lucky to call you friends. Can’t wait for your big day!! Xo. Sene

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  1. Tameko Hawthorne

    June 5th, 2018 at 2:26 PM

    Awwww. I just love this and love you too Summer. Whenever we had talks at work, I could see how much you loved Lavon just from the way you glowed when you would talk about him, what plans you all had for the day or even upcoming plans. Lavon, I met you only once at work when you came to meet Summer but you both deserve happiness and this is what I call happiness with your soul mate. Enjoy and Congratulations again.



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