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Zade + Amber

On December 30, 2016, Amber was out to eat with her mom at Olive Garden. She’s the head volleyball coach at Nashua-Plainfield. While at dinner, she received a text from her athletic director asking if she was still in Waterloo. She replied, “Yes. Why? What’s up?”. He told her that the volleyball equipment room had a water leak and they needed to sort through the equipment and throw away the damaged. So she drove to the school and when she walked into the main entry, the hallway she normally takes ha da sign that read “Stay off. Wet Wax.” So she had to walk through the gym. When she walked in, the gym lights were off and then her and Zade’s song began playing, It’s Your Love. Amber said, “That’s weird.” For Josh, the athletic director doesn’t listen to country music. As she continued in, the lights turned on and Zade was in the middle of the gym floor on his knee! Zade and Amber first met at daycare then went to the same school, Nashua-Plainfield. Their first date was at the Figure 8 Races in Nashua with Amber’s parents and have been dating for the past seven years! “She is very outgoing, funny, and passionate about the things she is involved in and is also very humble.” – Zade“Zade is a very determined person. When he gets his mind set on something that is how it is going to be. He is a very hard worker. He is easy to talk to, he is laid back, and very outgoing. Zade is always joking about something. He defiantly has a very loving personality.” – Amber Their perfect date would be doing something outside whether it be playing sports or spending time on a boat. “What I love about my fiance is that she is very outgoing, fun to be around, and has a great personality. She is very beautiful and has a wonderful smile.” – Zade “What I love most about Zade is his personality. He knows me better than I know myself. He is not only my fiance, but he’s my best friend. I can tell Zade anything and he will always give me a honest answer/opinion. He is one of my biggest supporters. After 7 years, he still gives me butterflies. He is the type of person that lightens up the room. He can put a smile on my face in seconds.” – Amber Zade works for Dietz Construction and high school baseball assistant coach. Amber is still going to school at UNI, but is the head volleyball coach at Nashua-Plainfield, the assistant girls track coach, the junior high assistant basketball coach. She also works at Comprehensive Systems in Charles City.

Zade+Amber. Thank you for being great sports in the cold and wind! It was such an honor capturing these for you. Best wishes as you begin the exciting journey marriage brings! Xo. Seneca

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  1. Lavonne Guenther

    October 27th, 2017 at 8:06 PM

    Pictures are awesome! Lots of kissing going on though….lol You both are very special people in my heart and wish you the best that life can bring. Life can be a roller coaster ride, so hang on and enjoy the many years ahead of you to grow old together. Love you! Aunt Lavonne

  2. Marie Hennick

    October 28th, 2017 at 2:42 PM




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