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Pre-Baby Prep

Since Baby Epley’s arrival is now in the single digits, I’m in full-nesting (panic) mode. Much like planning my wedding, I feel like the final weeks bring the busiest of prep work. I’m convinced there’s no way around it. It seriously just sneaks up on you! Today I thought it’d be fun, and potentially helpful to share my pre-baby prep list of to-dos. It’s being added to daily but hopefully, I can check back in within the next month and share about my accomplishments. Fingers crossed!!

Freezer Meals/Baking 

To avoid going out to eat when I don’t feel like cooking with a newborn, I’m going to stock up on freezer meals. And yes, cookies too. My goal is to have 5-10 meals waiting for me in my freezer!

Complete Home Projects

We have a couple of projects to complete around our home. First, our house doesn’t have overhead lights in our bedrooms so we are getting those installed. We also need to do some touch-up painting and fixing of closet doors.

Stock Up on Household/Personal Items 

I’m holding out for a big sale at Target. You know those ones that if you spend so much you get gift cards? Yep, one of those sales. I plan to stock up on all household and personal items we use and put the gift cards earned towards diapers! 

Deep Clean House

As a part of nesting, I’ve been deep cleaning for a while. So far, I’ve cleaned our air vents, washing machine, and cabinets. We still need to clean our carpets and windows.


I’m accumulating so many things and Baby hasn’t even arrived yet! Clutter makes me stressed so I’ve been going through drawers and eliminating all unneeded excess to make room for her.

Pack Hospital Bag

I hate the feeling of being unprepared. I have no idea when she plans to come but I want to be ready to go! Curious what’s in my hospital bag? A whole post on it is coming in the near future!

Finalize Nursery 

I’m having a shower after she arrives so my nursey won’t be officially complete but all the essentials will be in place!

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