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Pure White

You probably know by now that I love the color white. Pure white is symbolic and gorgeous but it actually causes unintended trouble when it comes to photography. Pure white attire photographs blue. For us photographers, this causes trouble when it comes to editing, especially if your pure white wedding gown is paired with blue bridesmaid dresses or navy tuxes. We are stuck trying to remove the blue in your gown while keeping the blue in the bridal party attire. It’s nearly impossible to accomplish both!

My advice — avoid pure white weddings gowns and engagement attire altogether. However, I’m a big fan of off-white colors – cream and ivory photographs gorgeous and is super flattering for certain skin tones.

If you are wondering if your engagement dress or his shirt is pure white, do the printer paper test (or something that is pure white). Put the paper and clothing item side-by-side and you’ll see a difference!





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