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Spencer + Kendyl

Spencer and Kendyl started Valentine’s day without getting to talk to each other much. Kendyl was busy at school taking tests while Spencer was at work. She’d figured he was busy like she was and they went on with their day. Later that night, Spencer had reservations for them at the Brown Bottle in Cedar Falls. This happened to be where they had their first and anniversary dates ever since so this reservation was nothing out of the normal.

They had a wonderful dinner. Spencer insisted that they go to Scratch for dessert, so of course, Kendyl couldn’t say no to that! As they were walking to the front of Scratch, he started to walk really slow and she could sense something was about to happen. His voice started to get a little shakey and before she knew it, he was down on one knee and she was in shock trying to say ‘YES’ and hug him. They had initially talked about not getting engaged until after he graduated in May, so this was quite the surprise for Kendyl! It was a night she will never forget!

“[It’s been] kind of fun to look back on though, because now there are some details that start to fall into place and make sense. He kept worrying about what I was wearing to dinner. He wanted me to wear silver jewelry instead of my favorite gold watch to match the ring I was going to get. He didn’t want to talk to me during the day because he was so nervous and wanted to get his thoughts straight (not because he was busy). We have always gotten dessert at Brown Bottle so getting Scratch was not normal. He went to the bathroom right before our meal came out and was in there for like 5 minutes so I didn’t know if I should eat or wait for him but he was really in there making sure the photographer knew when we were coming.” – KendylThe day they got engaged, February 14th is special to Spencer’s family. It’s the same date his parents got engaged. So now, it runs in the family!Kendyl was walking down the dorm hall with two of her teammates when they spotted Spencer in a room and said “Hi!”. Spencer had already met a few of Kendyl’s fellow volleyball players. Kendyl entered the room and introduced herself to him and the rest of the guys in the room. She specifically remembers shaking Spencer’s hand and she thought he was super cute. He must have thought the same. Over the next couple of days, he would make a trip down the hall to the elevator just so he could pass by her room to see if her door was open. Finally one night, Kendyl had my door open and he stopped in to talk. It must have been love at first sight!They first met in late August 2015. Shortly after, they started ‘officially’ dating on October 4, 2015. The way Spencer asked Kendyl to be his girlfriend is pretty funny, but cute if you ask her. He decided to set his alarm and the title was “Will you be my girlfriend?” But of course, when the alarm went off, Kendyl picked up his phone still half asleep and gave it to him to turn off, then proceeded to go back to sleep without realizing what just went on. He then had to reset the alarm and made her turn it off. “It never fails that one of them messes something up when the other one is trying to do something cute :) ” – Kendyl

“What I love most about Spencer is his ability to make me laugh. I love laughing with Spencer and he never fails to always put a smile on my face, even when it seems impossible. I love that he can act silly around me and holds himself in a way that makes you want to be around him more. His presence can easily make me smile.” – KendylKendyl is currently a student at the University of Northern Iowa studying Exercise Science and also plays volleyball there. Spencer is an IT Specialist at Lincoln Savings Bank

“My favorite thing about my fiancé Kendyl is her willingness to always put our relationship first. She is the most selfless individual and she always puts me first in every situation. She is the one I turn to in every obstacle I have in life and that makes her my person. She also never fails to put a smile on my face, she is truly amazing.” – Spencer

Spencer and Kendyl share a very sentimental relationship. For their 1 year anniversary, he gave her the receipt from their first date, shells she’d picked out in Florida while walking the beach together for the first time, the fortune from their first fortune cookie, and much more. They love celebrating their “firsts” together and make them special!They love to spend their spare time together working out/going for a run, biking around the Cedar Falls trails, boating, traveling for vacations (Hawaii, Bahamas, Florida, Minnesota), fishing, kayaking, and going to the pool. They love to be outside and exercise! Their first date was sometime in September, shortly after they met. They got all dressed up went to Brown Bottle. Since then, each time they have gone to Brown Bottle, Spencer specifically reserves the same table as their first date. Spencer is known to do many cute things like that for Kendyl!
“I would describe Spencer’s personality as upbeat, extrovert, and ambitious. I rarely see him in a bad mood, he’s always the life of a party, very sociable, and loves to get up and go (not sit around)!” – Kendyl“I would describe Kendyl’s personality is very similar to me. She is a very well organized, adventurous, and always wants peace in a situation. She is not one that likes to encounter conflict. She is also someone who is very easy to talk to.”  – Spencer

On their wedding day… “I am most excited for that moment when it is official and we say “I do.” I think that is when it will hit me. I am also excited to walk down the aisle and just look at him and think ‘this is what we have been waiting for’ and have all the memories rush through my mind! So exciting and special. Spencer is most excited about saying “I do” also. He can’t wait until the moment is real and we are officially together.” – Kendyl


Spencer + Kendyl. What a privilege it was capturing these for you and to be your wedding photographer! I seriously cannot wait for your big day to celebrate your love and have you in front of my camera again. You two are seriously THE cutest! Xo. Sene

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