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Story Behind Thea

I’ve always enjoyed hearing how babies got their names so I thought I’d share Thea’s story. These days many find names on Pinterest lists but we found hers the old-fashioned way (ish)…on TV. Ha! I think we first heard Thea on this TV show back in early 2016. I remember saying “Hey, I really like that name,” and Jared said he didn’t mind it (which for all you with picky spouses out there ISN’T a bad thing to hear!). 

During this time we’d often talked about names. We were two years into our infertility journey and sometimes dreaming about naming a baby helped cope with the reality we were facing.

Long story short, Thea was added to my “Names List” on my phone. It quickly ranked in the top three names I’d come across through the years.

Fast-forward to the summer of 2016. I was heading out the door to go for a run when I was overtaken by emotions and had to sit down on the steps. Minutes before, I learned that another IUI had failed and running was my therapy. As I sat down, my head was in my hands as I cried. Harvey cuddled up next to me with a concerned look (I’m so grateful we got him. Best support dog ever!).

It was at that moment I felt like God spoke to me and said, “Sene, don’t worry. You’ll get your Thea Grace someday.”

I remember it like it was yesterday.

The Lord reminded me of how much I am loved and that His timing is perfect.

When Jared got home that day, I told him what happened but left out the details of her name. I didn’t want him to think that no matter what we were naming our daughter Thea Grace. I wanted him to come to that conclusion on his own.

From that moment on, I had hope. I still cried. I still needed grace. I still had bad days but my hope was in the Lord.

Flash forward to 2017. I’m pregnant!! Before we found out we were having a girl, we were convinced we were having a boy. Jared called her “he” and even had a boy nickname.  I, on the other hand, had Jared/science (heart rate, symptoms, etc.) convincing me she was a boy but yet, I’d remembered what the Holy Spirit had said to me in my darkest of times.

When the ultrasound tech said, IT’S A GIRL. Tears ran down my cheek and I said a quick prayer. Jared was literally speechless.

The months following, we tossed around names. We narrowed it down to two. Thea Grace and another. It wasn’t until one night around Christmas that I told Jared we need pick one already. In the back of my mind, I knew what I wanted him to choose but I didn’t want to influence him what so ever. I expected him to just answer, “Yes, we need to pick one,” but instead he told me he thought we should name her Thea.

It all came full circle. I cried, again. Our baby had a name, an identity.

Little Thea Grace.

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