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Trapper + Jordyn

On their first Valentine’s Day, Trapper took Jordyn to the High Trestle Trail in Madrid to see the bridge lit with lights. When they got there, they began talking and Trapper told her how much he loved her and how happy he was that they were dating. Jordyn jokingly said “If we’d been dating longer, I’d think that you were proposing,” and Trapper just chuckled. Little did she know, he would remember that moment a year and a half later.Leading up to the first free weekend they had in a while, Trapper and Jordyn were discussing if there was anything special they wanted to do. Trapper said he really wanted to see the High Trestle Bridge during the day. Jordyn said that sounded fun, not thinking anything of it. That Saturday, August 25th, they went to Madrid and started to make their way out to the bridge (it’s about a mile away from the parking lot). The entire walk, Trapper had his thumb hooked in his pocket to cover the box inside. When they got to the bridge, there was a lot of people around. They stood there talking while it cleared out. Trapper started to say something when this older couple came on their bikes, stopped on the other side of the bridge. Trapper immediately stopped talking and kept looking back to see if they were leaving. It took about 10 minutes before the older couple went on their way. Trapper then pulled out his phone, read Jordyn a poem he’d written about their lives together. At the end, he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him.
“My favorite thing about Trapper is that he can always make me smile no matter what mood I’m in. I can be almost in tears because I had such a stressful day and then he’ll just do something goofy and I can’t help but giggle.” – Jordyn 
“My favorite thing about Jordyn is that no matter how bad her day has been, or what has happened, she always asks how mine was and if she can do anything to make it better. She’s so caring in everything that she does.” – Trapper
Jordyn grew up in Waverly, and Trapper lived in Shell Rock until he was in 4th grade. After his mom’s promotion, he and his family moved to Edgewood. Growing up, they had mutual friends so they always knew of each other but never met. It wasn’t until Trapper’s brother, Fisher, married a girl that Jordyn had gone to high school with before their paths finally crossed. He was home helping for the wedding when they ran into each other while he was killing time before his grandparents’ 65th wedding anniversary dinner. The rest is history! The first time they hung out they just talked and got to know each other while a movie was playing in the background. Their first actual date was disc golfing. “Jordyn is very selfless in her actions and a dreamer at heart. She is always willing to try something new and can be herself around everyone.” – Trapper“Trapper is very realistic and disciplined, but he’s also super caring and carefree when he is with me or his family. He’s not afraid to be silly.” – Jordyn In their spare time together, they really like to grab a coffee or a pop at a gas station and drive around Ames or the surrounding area. Other than that, they like to dis golf or anything where they can be together and relax.Their perfect date is super simple! They are in a church small group and are youth group leaders, so their favorite date night is getting Chick-Fil-A before one of those activities. It’s a nice time to unwind and talk about their days before being around a a group of people.Jordyn a nurse at Mary Greeley in Ames on the Medical/Telemetry unit and Trapper is an Applications Food Technologist at Essentia Protein Solutions in Ankeny (he does research for the meat industry).
Their friend Alex is a pastor and is going to officiate their wedding, so they’re excited to have someone who knows them so well marry them as well as being able to celebrate their love surrounded by family and friends.

Trapper & Jordyn – I couldn’t have dreamt for a better evening spent with you two. I already feel like I’ve known you forever! Thanks for the great session. I had the best time capturing your adorable love and I can’t wait for June!



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  1. Joanne Harbaugh

    October 25th, 2018 at 9:46 AM

    God Bless You both!



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