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Wilson + Rachel

Wilson and Rachel had a trip planned to go to Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness in the beginning of September for a few months. When Rachel got home from work to finish packing all of their food and gear, she noticed a single packed bag in the back of the truck already. She thought it was weird, but didn’t think anything else of it. The next day when they put the canoe in, Wilson was being pretty weird about that one bag. He, of course, denies this! They had a few portages to go that day and he insisted he carry the bag. He told Rachel there were protein bars in it and it wasn’t a big deal. She let it go. They got to their campsite by late afternoon and started to unload and set up camp. After a bit, Wilson told Rachel to set up her camera so they could take a few pictures. It was beautiful by the lake with the reflection of the turning leaves. Wilson disappeared while Rachel set up the camera. She put it in continuous capture mode to get pictures of them standing by the water and decided to zoom in to see their faces. After a few minutes, she said they were good to go. The first photo snapped and Wilson got down on one knee! Rachel thinks said yes [ ;) ]. Their lips were so dry from canoeing that Wilson’s bottom lip split open from smiling so big. Blood was everywhere! She asked him if the ring was in the bag he was being so protective over and it was. The ring box was hidden inside a box of Cliff bars inside the bag. Rachel has Celiac’s disease and can’t consume gluten, so he knew it was the perfect hiding spot! They met through Bumble (the app!) and messaged each other off and on for about 5 months until he texted Rachel first.
“Wilson is the most genuine person I have ever met. I feel so cherished by him every moment of the day. He’s my best friend and I still cannot believe I get to be his wife!” – Rachel “Rachel is so selfless. She’s always thinking of and putting others before herself. She’s the most beautiful and kind person I’ve ever been around, and I know we’re going to have a happy life together.” – Wilson For their first date, they went to Equinox Brewing in Fort Collins, CO followed by more beer and burgers. They like beer! :)They did a long-distance relationship for a year before Wilson moved to Minnesota to be near Rachel. Wilson went to Albia High School then onto Auburn for undergrad. Rachel attended to Denver High School followed by Iowa State. They both went to Colorado State for their masters. Their perfect date would be going white water rafting and ending the day by having a cold drink by the campfire.“Wilson is driven, genuine, goofy, charismatic, and extremely intelligent. He’s a blast to be around every day!” – Rachel  “Rachel is genuine, friendly, and everyone she meets literally loves her within minutes of meeting her.” – WilsonWilson works as an environmental economist and Rachel is an embryologist.They enjoy doing anything outdoors especially hiking, drinking a good beer, watching sports, and cooking together.On their wedding day …. “I’m so excited for our first look and walking down the aisle to my best friend.” – Rachel “I’m also excited to see Rachel for the first time before our wedding. I’m also looking forward to having all of my friends and family that haven’t met Rachel yet to meet her and to meet the rest of her friends and family.” – Rachel

Wilson + Rachel – What a great time I had having you two in front of my camera! Thanks for the fun session and for coming down for the evening! I am so excited you found one another and the adventure that awaits. Bring on September 2019! 



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